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Health & Wellness
Health & Wellness

DrumQuests' Health & Wellness division offers a complimentary whole-person approach to maintaining or re-establishing the gift of a healthy life. We provide experiential, creative expression experiences to improve your well being, abundance, and life balance. These include HealthRHYTHMS and Life Rhythms Coaching.


Need a boost? Relieve Stress? Increase Morale? Enjoy a creative experience that lets you drum it all out leaving you energized, focused, and motivated. 

title"HealthRHYTHMS is a researched-based group drumming protocol with demonstrated biological and psychosocial benefits." HealthRHYTHMS uses creative expression protocol to promote health, vitality, and wellness.  Whether you are seeking increased sales, improved focus, or more harmonious relationships, health rhythms provides a venue to reduce burn out, decrease stress, improve over all well-being, motivate, inspire, and empower.

Great for companies and organizations (especially care givers!) to help energize, motivate, and promote wellness for their staff. Learn more about HeatlhRHYTHMS.

  • Business & Private Groups
  • Ongoing Public Group Classes
  • Learn more about HealthRHYTHMS
  • Add to our KidsDrum!

Life Rhythms Coaching

Coaching is a co-creative relationship between the coach and the client.  A coach supports the client in self-discovery, self-empowerment, and authentic self-realization.  Clients have someone who encourages, motivates, and provides accountability in creating and living the life they desire.  

DrumQuest encourages clients to dare to live a life unlimited.  Teambuilding, Radical Forgiveness® and HealthRHYTHMS® are combined with coaching to promote self-healing and self-discovery via creative expression and group empowerment programs.

  • We recognize the Divine within while providing tools that takes the gravity out of emotional concerns. 
  • With humor and compassion we assist you in designing your best course of action for personal transformation.
  • Our individual and group sessions promote well-being, awareness, shifts in perspectives, and reunion with authentic self. 
  • Life Rhythms Coaching specializes in Radical Forgiveness.  Radical Forgiveness was developed by Colin Tipping, a therapist and life coach, who witnessed his clients struggling to forgive. He realized there needed to be a 'radically' different approach to forgiveness and specifically designed a step by step process to assist people in 'collapsing the story' and releasing the energy around a painful situation. Holding onto pain keeps us stuck and keeps our attention focused on the pain. By letting go of the hurt, we free ourselves, our time, and our attention to focus on the things that bring us joy and more abundant living. The miracle of this process is that there is no belief in it required. Only a willingness to move through the steps is needed.
Sessions are customized and can also include drumming, meditation and self-healing tools designed to optimize well-being in fun and creative ways.  These sessions challenge beliefs and stories that limit you while also encouraging forgiveness, letting go, and surrender. By cleaning your internal house you make room for the desires of your heart to be fulfilled. Begin to understand, create and live your most passionate abundant life rhythm.

Life Rhythms Sessions

Individual Sessions: Individual sessions are customized to fit your quest.  Phone sessions are available also.  These sessions can be done in the comfort of your home or office designed to fit the needs of your schedule.  Together we create a master plan.  Additionally we provide help in finding local support and opportunities to experience rhythm, drumming, music, and self-healing tools.

Group Sessions: Sessions are customized to fit the quest/theme of the individual and the group.  These can be private groups for companies and organizations & private groups for coaching clients.

Retreats: customized for your group.  

Goddess Rhythms

Group sessions just for women.  This group is for women who want to laugh on the journey to being the Goddess they were meant to be.  Being in the company of women is powerful and nurturing; providing support especially at the times when it is most helpful to laugh at yourself.  A combination of drumming, HealthRHYTHMS® and Life Rhythms Coaching, to maximize self-empowerment.  I AM Woman; Hear Me Drum! 
Coming this fall to The Long House!



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“The first thing I noticed about Jim and Kate is a spirit of fun.  Then I noticed their patience... extraordinary patience and presence with each person with whom they were involved with at the moment—and that is a gift that I believe is very healing.”  —Mary Lenholt, Nurse & Energy Practitioner

“The drum workshop was fantastic fun. The artistic expression combined with the spirit of all the people was exciting and inspirational.  Thanks so much!” Tami King, CEO Technically Speaking

Mix-and-match any of our rhythm experiences to create single-day or multi-day adventures.

Call us at 727-692-6075 or fill out our services form.


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