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Another happy drummer!

Dear Jim,

I wanted to write you both about my experience with drumming. First a little history.

Until an auto accident about 14 months ago I worked as a Physical Therapist, especially with stroke and spinal cord injury patients. I specialized in gait and balance dysfunctions, primarily because a similar injury brought  compelled me to become a Therapist in the first place. So, in other words I am schooled in the medical model. 

When I first started drumming, I wasn't sure whether I would even enjoy it, let alone experience some significant energetic effects. For me it is a kind of meditation. I notice a spaciousness arise after drumming for only a few minutes. The busy chatter of mind tends to decrease  effortlessly.  And a pronounced movement of energy seems to occur. It is not subtle. I can feel the normal dense static blockages of energy literally open up, first in the pelvis, then in the legs. This aliveness begins to "stream"/play throughout my body, seemingly just for the fun of it. My breath deepens, and spontaneous rhythms seem to arise. What a joy. "Can Steve come out to play?" kind of thing.

For years, since my spinal cord injury, my had body felt very tight, stiff, predictable, cautious, frequently tired, dense. Movement was filled with effort and struggle. For me, drumming has open up possibilities, both emotionally and energetically.  I refuse to attempt to "figure it out" or analyze it,  Why should we call it healing? Why should we call it anything?  Just Aliveness playing with Aliveness.



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“The first thing I noticed about Jim and Kate is a spirit of fun.  Then I noticed their patience... extraordinary patience and presence with each person with whom they were involved with at the moment—and that is a gift that I believe is very healing.”  —Mary Lenholt, Nurse & Energy Practitioner

“The drum workshop was fantastic fun. The artistic expression combined with the spirit of all the people was exciting and inspirational.  Thanks so much!” Tami King, CEO Technically Speaking

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