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Why use Drums, Rhythm and Creative Expression?
Why use Drums, Rhythm and Creative Expression?


Benefits of Drumming

Drumming, rhythm, and creative expression quiet the mind, allowing quick and sustained access to the heart, the original rhythm; facilitating reunion with the authentic self.

Music & rhythm by-pass the brain helping us to be centered in our hearts.  In time, the brain is trained to follow and work with the heart instead of the usual status quo of the mind (overriding the wisdom of the heart) which usually has us running around in circles!

When living from your Authentic Self, you feel connected to yourself, to your community, and to your Creator. For some of us it may be the first time we have ever felt ‘comfortable in our own skin’.

Drumming, rhythm, and creative expression ignite passion and create joyful experiences.  This allows access to the part of us that believes in unlimited possibilities.

altBreakthroughs in Research

HealthRHYTHMS® is a research-based group drumming protocol with demonstrated biological and psycho-social benefits. This program is part of a Remo's health and wellness division and was developed by Remo, Christine Stevens, and Dr. Barry Bittman.  Exciting research is and has been conducted through this program to show scientific proof of the benefits of drumming and recreational music making.

The aim of HealthRHYTHMS is to provide recreational music making to groups in order to foster wellness, empowerment, and community building.  There are 7 elements of the HealthRHYTHMS program.

  • Stress Reduction
  • Self-expression
  • Exercise
  • Co-operation
  • Camaraderie
  • Nurturing/support
  • Increased spiritual connection

The HealthRHYTHMS program offers an experiential experience where participants (adults and kids) can play drums & percussion, dance, and sing.  Wellness movement, guided imagery, meditation, and communication through drums add depth and self-discovery to the experience. 

DrumQuest is excited to offer HealthRHYTHMS.  Kate Stewart and Jim Talbot are trained HealthRHYTHMS facilitators.  Hosted by Remo Drums, they received world class facilitator training with Dr. Barry Bittman and Christine Stevens. 

The benefits of this program are far reaching.  By providing this support to employees, individuals, families and kids we are able to foster increased wellness, focus, motivation, reduced stress, productivity & energy, and over all well being.  Contact us to begin your HealthRHYTHMS Quest today! 

Research Articles

Remo is leading the way with medical research backing up the idea that drumming is truly a health-benefit.  Peruse the articles below and see for yourself the benefit of the drum! Check back often as we will be adding more articles to this page.

Burnout Study.pdf 

Drumming as a Healing.pdf 

Group Drumming.pdf 

Immune System Study.pdf 

Why Drums.pdf 


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“The first thing I noticed about Jim and Kate is a spirit of fun.  Then I noticed their patience... extraordinary patience and presence with each person with whom they were involved with at the moment—and that is a gift that I believe is very healing.”  —Mary Lenholt, Nurse & Energy Practitioner

“The drum workshop was fantastic fun. The artistic expression combined with the spirit of all the people was exciting and inspirational.  Thanks so much!” Tami King, CEO Technically Speaking

Mix-and-match any of our rhythm experiences to create single-day or multi-day adventures.

Call us at 727-692-6075 or fill out our services form.


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